St. Patrick’s Day!

Tune in tomorrow!!

If Clipper Darrell comes in wearing red and blue he will be pinched and we will have a Leprechaun contest!

Stay tuned for more info!!


Saturdays 11am -1pm on Dash Talk!

Special Thanks!


If yuou came out to Sista Mary’s Soul food in Glendale, you know you had fun and if you weren’t there you missed it. I mean special thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy birthday!!

Special Thanks to Big Boy, the Taco Vato, DJ Skee (my boss), and Gary Payton!!

Special thanks to everyone who called in while we were ON AIR!

Special thanks to All Sports Market for sponsoring this event. Go to where in honor of my birthday you can get $2500 (in play money) GO there NOW!!!

Much love to you all and remember Together we stand Divided we fall. I LOVE YOU MAMA!

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